About us


"What makes us different makes us better"

The development of the business environment in Azerbaijan has created a need for quality services in various business areas. In particular, the impact of economic processes on cooperation with global companies and globalization on the economy of Azerbaijan has necessitated the organization of services in this area.


“Solid Legal” LLC started its professional activity in 2019, forming a dynamic, young, business team that professionally provides legal and human resource advice to protect the legitimate interests of local and foreign entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to be committed to our motto, to be able to think beyond conflict, to have a different and more innovative mindset, and to have the potential to better deliver the desired results to the companies we work with in every procedure we enter.

Our goal is to become a more reliable service center and management school in the field of law and human resources in Azerbaijan, to be the most selected and trusted company in the region that can professionally meet the needs of people for sustainable development, and to spread its activities to other countries. 

The company has made great strides in the field of law and human resources, cooperating with leading companies that have a say in the professional field.


Our priorities:

  • Provision of all types of legal services


  • Personnel administration services


Personnel administration audit